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Authentic SMOK TFv4 Cores Family: 12 Coil Sampler Pack For TFv4 & Mini Sub-Tanks

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The authentic SMOK TFv4 Cores Family is a sampler pack of 12 of the most popular coils for the SMOK TFv4 and TFv4 Mini Sub-Tanks

Each unit is guaranteed authentic, with scratch-off authentication code on every box.


One Unit Includes one of each of the following:

RBA Series:
TF-R1 (single coil RBA Deck)

TF-R2 (dual Coil RBA Deck)

TF-RCA (Clapton Coil RBA Deck)

Low Wattage & Clapton Series:


TF-T2 (1.5 Ohms, 20W – 45W, Dual Coil)

TF-T2 Air (1.5 Ohms,, 20W – 45W, Dual Coil, Extra Airholes)

TF-CLP2 (0.35 Ohms, 30W – 90W, Clapton Dual Coil)

Cloud Chasing Series:


TF-T3 (0.2 Ohms, Kanthal, Triple Coil, 40 – 130W)

TF-Q4 (0.15 Ohms, Quad Coil, Kanthal)

TF-S6 (0.4 Ohms, Sextuple Coil Head)

Temp Control Series:


TF-N2 Air (0.12 _+ 0.02 Ohm, 420 – 600F. Temperature Control)

TF-Ti (0.33 Ohms, Temperature Control 450 – 600F)

TF-STC2 (0.25 Ohms, 350 – 550F, Stainless Steel, Dual Coil)

Also included:


  • (1) Gift Box as pictured
  • (1) Coil Guide

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